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Lineman Special Strength Defined:

The generation of an asymmetrical quantity (i.e., magnitude) of force and the discharge of said force at optimal velocity (i.e., speed + direction) to block external resistance

Lineman Special Strength [LSS] is what the lineman generates to block 

Former Chicago Bears Pro-Bowl offensive lineman Olin Kreutz and neuromuscular therapist/strength coach John Quint have synthesized their specialized knowledge together to define the blocking of external resistance as a Lineman Special Strength [LSS]. Defining blocking as special strength is what enabled Olin and John to design and implement a specific strength training system with the sole aim of physically developing the lineman to possess the requisite strengths required to repeatedly block.

The LSS Master Class introduces, identifies, and defines the generation of strength to block [LSS] as a skill that is reliant and determined by the strength capacities of the lineman - teaching the lineman how optimal strength training is paramount to his success. The system of training that Olin and John have utilized to physically develop lineman is provided and explained in detail - showing the means and methods and how they are sequenced in a manner that elicits favorable cumulative multifaceted training effects - training effects that leads to the lineman being able to generate LSS optimally. 


Lineman Training Programs

  • O-Line Room

    Every month
    Access videos & templates to improve your performance
    • Videos & templates for strength and conditioning exercises
  • Master Class

    The fundamental strength training methods and means of LSS
    • Provides video lectures, training templates & forum access

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