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By purchasing this program, you will gain access to a comprehensive and groundbreaking specific strength training system designed specifically for linemen. This system identifies and defines the fundamental strength training methods and means necessary for optimal physical development.


These training methods and means are strategically organized in a sequential manner to elicit positive and cumulative multifaceted training effects. It is through these training effects that the lineman achieves an optimal physical state, primed for optimal practice and play.


When you purchase this program, you will receive:

  1. Video Lecture Series: Gain valuable insights and knowledge through our video lectures, where the principles and concepts of this specific strength training system are explained in detail.

  2. Training Templates: Access Lineman Special Strength training templates that will guide your training and help you make progress in a structured and effective manner.

  3. Membership to Our Forum: Join our community of coaches and linemen in our dedicated forum. Engage in discussions, seek advice, and receive support from fellow members who are following the same training system.

  4. Free Trial to the O-Line Room: Get access to more training templates, our exercise library, and monthly Q&A from Olin and John. 

Take the step towards optimizing the training of the lineman. Purchase this program today and unlock the benefits of the video lecture series, training templates, and membership to our forum. Your journey toward optimal performance starts here.

Lineman Special Strength Master Class 

$599 one-time payment

#1 LSS Identified
#3 Anatomy of LSS
#6 LSS Methods and Means
#7 Training Intensity LSS
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