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By subscribing to the O-Line Room, you unlock a wealth of resources to enhance your lineman training:

  • Exercise Library: Gain access to a comprehensive video library featuring all the exercises used in the Lineman Special Strength (LSS) training system.

  • Training Templates: Follow structured and easy-to-use training routines specifically designed for linemen. We continually update and add new training templates to keep your workouts fresh and effective.

  • Monthly Q&A Videos: Join Olin and John as they delve into the LSS training system, discussing its principles and providing invaluable insights. These videos also address members' questions, ensuring you receive expert guidance and clarification.

Take lineman training to the next level with the O-Line Room. Subscribe today and harness the power of our exercise library, training templates, and exclusive monthly Q&A videos.

O-Line Room


Quarter Turn Tunch Punches
ME Barbell Squat
ME Bench Press
Strength Speed Sled Pushes
Side Lying Hip Joint CAR
Speed Strength Sled Pushes
Straight Tunch Punches
Standing Hip CAR coaching
Reverse Hyper
Split Jumps
Rear Delt Sled Rows
Sled Drags
side lying hip CAR
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