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2023 Lineman Special Strength Training Game Plan + ME Bench Press Training Templates

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

At Lineman Special Strength [LSS], the 2023 offseason is upon us. We are formulating our off-season training game plan and, during the process, want to share that strategy with all linemen.

A Game Plan Is a Strategy.

Strategy: an integrated set of choices that positions you on a playing field of your choice in a way that you win.

At LSS, we understand that it is optimal off-season training* that positions the lineman on a playing field of his choice that enables him to win - and win repeatedly. For more context, here is a video from the Harvard Business Review of Professor Roger Martin discussing what strategy is and how strategy differs from planning.

2023 LSS Training Strategy

In 2022, we at LSS coherently defined blocking as a special strength (i.e., lineman special strength) - see LSS Master Class. Doing so enabled us to understand the requisite physical determinants the lineman must possess if he is to have the ability to generate the special strength that is blocking. Physical determinants like:

The 2023 off-season strategy is: to organize the training work of the lineman in a manner that systematically enables him to acquire appropriate levels* of the four physical determinants listed above - in the hierarchy listed above.

We have an integrated set of training templates that optimally constrains the training work of the lineman in a manner so that he acquires the four physical determinants listed above. We want to share the training templates we have for the upper body utilizing the bench press.

Below is a downloadable link to the 2023 LSS Max Effort Bench Press training discussed in the video:


*Training is the exclusive mechanism in which energy can be constrained and utilized to perform specific work (i.e., training work) with the sole intent of eliciting highly specific and favorable training effects.

*In the Trained Lineman lecture, appropriate levels of all the physical determinants are defined for linemen at every level - from the high school lineman to the college lineman to the NFL lineman.


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