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A Letter To All High School Football Coaches

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

In extensively working with linemen – from NFL to High School level, and analyzing all their training data over the 5 years, we came across a glaring statistic. Specifically, the prevalence of a lack of absolute strength - the fundamental strength capacity the lineman utilizes to block (see the image of LSS below).

Our training data in conjunction with the film is precise:

If the lineman possesses an elite absolute strength level in high school, he has a high probability of being able to block in many different scenarios and positions successfully.

Inversely, if the lineman does not possess an elite absolute strength level, there will be many scenarios in each game, on each drive, where he will not have the strength capacity required to meet the blocking demands. In other words: the majority of high school linemen cannot block because they are untrained or sub-optimally trained and are simply too weak!

This feedback we have acquired over the years enabled us to come to the logical conclusion and identify that: it is a strength the lineman utilizes to block. We then defined the specific type of strength the lineman must generate if he is to block as: lineman special strength [LSS]. This was huge for the linemen we train, as once we had a coherent definition of the special strength the lineman generates to block, we were then able to construct a specific strength training system for the lineman.

The specific strength training resulted in all the high school lineman acquiring optimal levels of absolute strength - the fundamental strength capacity needed to generate LSS (see image). From the film, it was clear: that absolute strength was the leverage point capacity in the lineman’s training and that once optimal levels of absolute strength were acquired through specific, deliberate, and systematic strength training, the lineman was transformed!

Leverage Point Capacity: a capacity of the lineman where a slight shift can produce significant changes everywhere.

Once we had systematic results, we knew we possessed a system of training that all high school linemen should be utilizing. At that time, to scale out the LSS System of Training, we developed the Lineman Special Strength Master Class - virtual classes with the intent to educate football coaches at all levels on how to optimally strength train the lineman. We also provide a base plug-and-play template with an exercise library and consulting, so the coach has no constraining barriers to start implementing optimal training immediately.

It was only through understanding the lineman as an absolute strength athlete that it became clear the stagnation in the high school lineman’s development was almost solely on suboptimal strength training - training that does not systematically acquire optimal levels of absolute strength, which we have defined. We believe that performing skill work with untrained or sub-optimally trained weak linemen has led to the stagnation of the high school lineman.

Coaches not understanding the lineman as an absolute strength athlete who generates a special strength to block [i.e., LSS] is a colossal blind spot at every level.

The information we provide in the Master Class, as well as our system of training, we believe, fully addresses that blind spot for you and the lineman you are currently responsible for physically developing.

Clientele currently utilizing this training system are also collegiate and NFL linemen. Although linemen all over the country are utilizing this system of training, there is only one facility where the LSS Method is run - located in Illinois. This facility is private - closed to the public and invite only.

If you or your coaches have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out via email.

Best Regards,

John Quint & Olin Kreutz

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