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LSS Ramping Max Effort Static Dynamic Leverage Drill

Olin coaching a ramping max effort static dynamic leverage drill. This was performed on a "recovery day."

How to Coach Description

Olin is going to position the lineman performing the drill (i.e., blue shirt) in an optimal position. Once the lineman is in an optimal position (i.e., see the position at the start of the video), Olin will then coach him to progressively ramp up his effort level until the lineman is at his maximal momentary effort. Once the lineman reaches his maximal momentary effort in the positional isometric (i.e., static), he will then remain to generate his maximal effort for 6 seconds and then release the resistance into an overcoming dynamic effort.

Coaching Bullet Points

  1. Coach lineman into optimal position

  2. Coach lineman to progressively ramp up to his maximal momentary effort

  3. Hold max effort positional isometric (i.e., static) for 4-6 seconds

  4. Release the resistance and follow the static hold with an overcoming dynamic

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